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Even With the Icy Fingers of the Winter

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even with the icy fingers of the winter of your life around your throat, remember that spring is round the corner. life has seasons.

It is hard to remember when you are facing adversity and when your life has crumbled around you, that this level of suffering does not last forever.

Keep reminding yourself that all life’s dark passages, do change in time.

Never give up hope.


Choppy Waters Will Test Our Resilience

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choppy waters will test our resilience

It takes an incredible amount of grit and determination to keep going for what you want, despite the odds being against you.

But take courage, because if you do the tide will turn in your favor.


Take Your Heart Out of Storage

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take your heart out of storage. it is time to share it with others. Mercia Tapping

The pain of the loss of a loved one in our lives, causes anyone to retreat and nurse their wounds.

Who can say how much is too long? Each of us grieves at our own pace. But opening oneself up to love a special person again, while risky, holds the potential of great happiness.

But love comes from many people if you open your heart and let others love you.

While I have not found that special someone yet, I feel very rich in love.

All You Can Do

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sometimes one foot in front of another is all you can do. Mercia Tapping

When the going is rough, sometimes looking to the future is hard to do and you can only put one foot in front of another.

But remember that even as you do so, each step takes you nearer your destination and an easier life.

In the Depths of the Jungle

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in the depths of the jungle in your life, unexpected flowers can appear. Mercia Tapping

Sometimes, life can seem like a jungle and we thrash around amongst the undergrowth trying to find our way out.

But even in the midst of our confusion, exhaustion and even despair, there are joyful moments and unexpected surprises.

Look for and welcome them.

Forgive Those That Have Hurt You

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forgive those that have hurt you. it sets you free. Mercia Tapping.

Forgiving those who have hurt you is often hard but carrying around that negative energy in your body in the end hurts no one but yourself.

Forgiving is not forgetting or even absolving others from responsibility for their actions. It means letting go of your anger and being at peace with what has happened.

It is actually incredibly freeing.

I also do not mean that in forgiving people you should necessarily keep them around you. In many cases there would only be a repeat of their toxic energy.

Small Daily Miracles

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pay attention to the small daily miracles in your life each day. Mercia Tapping

I do not think I will ever tire of telling people to pay attention to the small miracles, those unexpected events or kindnesses shown to you by others that happen every day in our lives.

If you pay attention to them you will feel better about life.

I was struggling to put heavy bags of ice crystals into my car the other day and I got help from a stranger; a friend of mine organized a last minute dinner party on an otherwise lonely Saturday night.

These kinds of events are your everyday miracles.

What are yours?