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Inner Freedom and Peace

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there is an inner freedom and peace you will reach when you realize that life is not about accumulating more stuff. Mercia Tapping

Here in the USA we are curiously addicted to “Our Stuff”. We collect it, we add to it and we let it define us.

Our stuff is seen as status symbols. It is our signal to anybody who cares, and even if they don’t care, we cram it down their throats that we are materially successful.

That is the American Dream and a good portion of the world envies us.

In America you can “make it” and if you do, it gives you the ability to acquire stuff. You begin your journey with not much stuff and then you add to your collection as fast as you can, and boast to your friends about your latest acquisition. It is a curious process, and we feel it incumbent upon ourselves to try and enroll other cultures into imitating us.

You know the drill; cars, clothes, houses, jewelry, computers, toys, what we eat and drink. The list goes on. We give gifts of stuff at Christmas time, and God forbid that our gifts are not lavish enough. Then our friends and relatives think we are stingy.

Like anybody else, I am very fond of some of my stuff and my home, albeit relatively modest, ranks right up there. I like where I live. Yet in recent years, there have been occasions where I have given away vast quantities of furniture, clothes and jewelry. Each time I managed to make other people happy and I felt lighter afterwards and less burdened.

I do not think I will ever get to the place where I willingly give up everything, but my journey is lighter as I have realized that the source of my happiness and joy in life has absolutely nothing to do with my stuff.

Second Chances

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sometimes we are given second chances. don't squander yours. Mercia Tapping

SECOND CHANCES: Have you ever thought in life ” phew that was a close call”?

Close calls can be a narrowly averted car accident, a brush with a serious illness, or a job offer just when unemployment was about to run out. We all have close calls and I see them as wake up calls.

The universe is giving us a second chance, so let’s not blow it and make the same mistake twice.

My biggest second chance came with a wonderfully happy marriage to a man who died in 2011 of brain cancer. Thankfully, I chose wisely and lived and loved more wisely second time around.

Where in life have you been given a second chance?

Don’t Race Through Life

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don't race through life, enjoy  the journey. Mercia Tapping
There are few advantages to growing older. To me growing older has no redemptive value except one.

The one advantage to being older and having stared death in the face, and lost too many whom I have loved deeply, is it has has made me appreciate life and living, and the beauty of this earth in a whole different way.

I can get lost in wonderment at the beauty of just a single flower in my garden, or smile at a friend because I can appreciate their humanity, and their hands outstretched in love for me. I eat my food more slowly now, savoring every bite. I can stop and enjoy the wafting smells at my local bakery.

I think that it is a privilege to be loved unconditionally by another species; my cats purr loudly in my ear at night to remind me that I am not alone. Yet all the while, I miss my loved ones who have left before me and my heart aches badly at times. If only I could reach out and touch them once more, what a miraculous gift that would be.

Of course, I know we will meet again, I truly believe that, but sometimes I feel bereft without them, like some chunk of me is just plain missing.

In the meantime, I have discovered that I am deeply in love with this planet and the people on it. That love has me feel naked at times, with no protective shield, and yet I am thankful that I feel that way.

I am at peace with myself like I have never been in my entire life.

So despite the wrinkles, or those unwanted pounds, I can smile at the woman in the mirror. I have lived my life with no regrets. No apologies.

And I live my life in the moment, each precious, exquisite moment, because you never know when it is going to come to an end.

You Are Strong, You Are Courageous

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you are strong, you are courageous, and you will make it. Mercia Tapping

For all my friends who have cancer. I pray for your recovery.

God Give Me the Strength

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god give me the strength to endure the things i cannot control, the clarity to rejoice in what i can control and the wisdom to know the difference. Mercia Tapping

In some ways, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could predict and control everything that happens to us in life?

Or would you find that boring?

I for one do not like nasty surprises but at the same time, I am learning to ride the wave and stop getting frustrated at what I cannot control; but I smile when something actually goes according to plan!

That is one for the good guys!

The Waters In Your Life May Be Muddy

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the waters in your life may be muddy now, but believe that they will be clear as a mountain stream again. Mercia Tapping

Sometimes it is so very hard when your life is full of turmoil and suffering to believe that it can and WILL get better.

Keep the faith.

Never give up.


Don’t Let Life Happen TO You

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don't let life happen to you. make it happen the way you want it. Mercia Tapping

Today somebody congratulated me on something and said “you were very lucky”.

Her remark threw me for a moment. You see luck had nothing to do with it.

I had envisioned a particular outcome and worked like a dog night and day, against all reasonable odds to make it happen.

I daresay my angels were cheering me along, but luck, that serendipity you just won the lottery kind of luck had nothing to do with it.

Make your life happen the way you want it!


Create Each Day Anew

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create each day anew. yesterday is gone. Mercia Tapping

I have discovered that it does me no good to dwell on the past thinking about how different my life would have been if my husband hadn’t contracted brain cancer and died.

I could have a royal pity party! But instead, I keep the faith that there are good things in store for me in the future and I will live a joyful life.

But I will never take it for granted.