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Walk Through the Shadows

Filed in Grief, Hope, Inspirational by on May 25, 2015

walk through the shadows into the light. Mercia Tapping

There have been many shadows in my life in recent years but walking, even slowly towards the light, is a feeling that gives me great hope.

Calling All Warriors

Filed in Cancer, Courage, Health by on May 20, 2015

calling all warriors in the war against cancer. let your roar be heard! Mercia Tapping

With my own Cancer behind me, it is time to find my voice and my fight for the health of others.

Rivers Wind Their Own Way to the Sea

Filed in Hope, Inspirational, Life by on May 3, 2015

rivers wind their own way to the sea, but they eventually get there. and so will you. Mercia Tapping.

Be patient.

You will get where you are supposed to in due time.

Never give up hope.