Mercia Tapping, author and inspirational public speaker, is mesmerizing the moment she opens her mouth and you hear her lilting British accent. She is available for retreats, workshops and keynote speeches. She also works as a life coach with a few individual clients. Her speaking engagements seek to inspire others to re-energize their lives and to live life to their fullest potential.

Her daily blog OnlyOneLife.com and its Facebook page “Only One Life: Don’t Waste It” reflects her philosophy of life. Her posts seek to inspire others to join her in her belief that life is precious and not to be wasted. Mercia’s wisdom has been born out of suffering in her life; she lost her husband to brain cancer, lost most of her retirement savings due to internal misappropriation of her company funds, and had to face her own advanced breast cancer diagnosis. However. her message comes through loud and clear, that the human spirit can rise above it all.

Her speaking engagements are tailored to her audience, but in some shape or form are geared to ” Rediscovering The Passion For Life “. Her questions and interactions with her audience provoke self examination on a deep and spiritual level, as she presents some of her favorite and original inspirational quotes against the back drop of stunning photography. She intersperses them with occasional readings from her book, her poetry, and most importantly her reflections and moving personal stories about her lessons learned in life.

Sample topics for shorter speeches include, Forgiveness, Decisions, How I Came To Believe In Heaven, Obesity And The American Food Conspiracy, Courage, Everyday Miracles.

Her speaking will move you, make you smile, but above all inspire you to enjoy life in the moment, let love into your life, and savor its everyday miracles.