When You Realize

Filed in Friends, Happiness, Life by on June 13, 2017

when you realize that money does not buy happiness, you will be rich indeed. Mercia Tapping

We all have basic needs such as food, shelter and health care. Money helps us put those fundamental life requirements in place. But after a certain amount of money in your pocket, happiness does not come from the relentless and insatiable pursuit of more wealth.

I have a very diverse group of friends. Some are fortunate to be incredibly wealthy, others have to think about every penny that they spend. But many of my poorest friends are incredibly happy because they have freed themselves from the tyranny of materialism.

We hear the term “retail therapy” and if any of us have tried that (I have in the past), we know that the lift it gives is so fleeting. Real happiness and being at peace with life cannot be found in a new piece of clothing or any other piece of new “stuff”.

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